The Concklin Newsletter

At Concklin Insurance Agency Inc., we’ve long been committed to educating our clients to help reduce insurance costs and ensure adequate coverage. It’s our mission to not only make sure you and your assets are well-covered but also to help you understand your options, how coverage is determined, and the many other personal factors affecting your coverage.

To further our goals of lowering insurance rates, reducing gaps in coverage, and educating clients in an accessible way, we send a monthly newsletter featuring topics that are relevant to Individuals/Families, Businesses, and a specialized Newsletter focusing on the Hospitality Industry. Through our Newsletter we’ll be sharing valuable information we’ve garnered over the years to help you better understand the insurance industry and your policy options.

Depending on your subscription, we’ll send you our newsletter quarterly, twice per quarter, or monthly.  We will cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • assessing coverage gaps,
  • understanding your insurance policies,
  • insurance tips,
  • important insurance insights for small business owners,
  • life insurance relevance,
  • personal health insurance importance and coverage types,
  • help with handling personal insurance needs
Our main goal has always been to reduce your insurance costs and eliminate gaps in your coverage by looking at your insurance requirements from a risk management viewpoint. We’ve also always worked hard to partner with you to ensure you understand your coverage and the greater industry that informs policies and coverage. We aim to use this Newsletter to do just that: to provide a useful resource to individuals and business clients alike.

Our Newsletter Options

Personal Lines Newsletter

Receive information and safety tips related to your home, auto and personal property.

Delivered: January, April, July, & October

Commercial Lines Newsletter

Receive information and safety tips related to owning & operating your business.

Delivered: February, May, August, & November

Hospitality Newsletter

Receive information and safety tips specifically related to owning & operating your hospitality based business.

Delivered: March, June, September, & December