Client Advocacy

We advocate for our clients.

Trusted Advisor

Independent Agents act more like Trusted Advisors.  We have your best interests in mind, even after coverage is bound.  Like a Trusted Advisor, Independent Agents are your advocate if a claim should occur.  Being in your corner means being there every step of the way, from helping you decide if a claim should be filed to talking with claims auditors and adjusters, the wellbeing of our clients is our number one priority.  

We're in your corner

Independent Insurance Agents work with you to mitigate your loss, providing valuable insights on future risks.  The goal is to build a relationship, not just provide a great insurance premium but to assist you with the management of that program.  By being in your corner, we have the ability to see the whole picture, not just one aspect.  Our experience and knowledge provide our customers with confidence that their current and future insurance needs will be met with solutions, that continue to adapt and grow, in this ever-changing world climate.

Coverage Customized to Your Needs

Getting to know you

The insurance you need is unique to you and your situation.  A one size fits most approach could leave gaps in coverage, while racking up expenses for items you don’t need.  It’s important to find an agent who is going to sit down with you and learn your needs, your risks, and your budget.  The first thing an Agent should do is evaluate where you are now, discuss any potential gaps and determine why your past insurance may have been dissatisfactory.  After all, there is a reason you are looking to change your coverage.

Giving you options

Once an Agent has determined what your insurance needs are, they should present you with options.  There are many plans available, the insurance industry is vast.  There is no reason for you to be pressured into a packaged plan that isn’t really what you had in mind.  Of course, there are limits to what an Agent can procure, but a good agent will bring you 2 to 3 options that are, not only well suited to your needs, but be able to explain the advantages and short comings of each plan.  Your agent should be able to discuss with you the risks of taking a lower coverage plan without pressuring you into something you cannot afford.

Compare Coverage & Cost

Independent Agents are able to quote a wider range of carriers. Concklin Insurance has relationships with over 20 insurance carriers.  This means we have a larger selection to choose from when offering you options.  Independent Agents are experts in selecting which carrier is going to offer you the best value, while keeping your interests in mind.  We can get creative to finding solutions for your insurance needs without being limited by a single carrier, we may even be able to offer a portfolio made up of different carriers, ensuring all your insurance needs are covered optimally.  There is no reason you should pay more to keep your insurance with a single carrier.  The best part is, we will do the comparative shopping for you, meaning you only have one point of contact instead of trying to remember which Agent represents which policy under which carrier.  It really is the best of all worlds.

Case Study

Franchise Pizza Delivery Company - Case Study

A prospective client came to us because they were having difficulty finding coverage for Hired and Non-Owned Auto and Workers' Compensation.

We worked with hand-picked Insurance Companies to create programs for group purchase. We authored the following disciplines: hiring & safety training, monitoring, vehicle inspections, fire prevention, and loss mitigation.

They now have consistent coverage with fair premiums.

Commercial Building Owner - Case Study

A client came to us after having a claim denied because they had changed the title and not notified their Insurance Company.

We were able to talk to the Insurance Company and have the denial reversed as we convinced them it would not hold up if brought to court.

Electrical Contractor - Case Study

A prospective client came to us with very high Workers' Compensation Costs.  We were able to analyze the 5 year claims data and completed an Experience Mod review.

We found numerous errors in their Experience Mod history.  They were being overcharged by approximately $10,000 per year.